Digital Marketing Online Training Program (45 Days Schedule)

Day 1Introduction to Digital Marketing
Day 2HTML Basics
Day 3HTML Practice
Day 4Search Engines & Keywords
Day 5SEO Basics & Keyword Analysis
Day 6Keywords Practice
Day 7On Page Optimization Techniques
Day 8SEO Practice
Day 9Off Page Optimization
Day 10SEO Practice
Day 11Rank Tracking & Competitor Analysis
Day 12SEM Basics
Day 13Paid Accounts & Campaign Set Up & Types
Day 14Keywords Types & Bidding Models
Day 15Ads, Settings, Landing Pages
Day 16SEM Practice
Day 17Display Camapgins & App Campaigns
Day 18Tools Settings & Conversion Code
Day 19SEM Practice
Day 20Remarketing and Types
Day 21Advanced SEM – PLA, Dynamic Remarketing
Day 22SEM Practice
Day 23SMO Basics
Day 24Social Paid Ads – FB, Twitter Ad Types
Day 25Remarketing Ads
Day 26Social Organic & Engagments
Day 27Social Media – Ads Practice
Day 28Youtube Marketing
Day 29Affiliate Marketing Basics
Day 30Types of Affiliate Marketing & Tactics
Day 31Affiliate Marketing – Practice
Day 32Email Marketing Basics
Day 33Types of Emails & Em Marketing Type
Day 34Email Marketing – Practice
Day 35Notifications – Web & App, Automation
Day 36App Marketing Basics
Day 37App Marketing Types / Tools
Day 38ASO of Apps / Inhouse Promotions
Day 39App Marketing – Practice
Day 40Content Marketing Overview
Day 41Analytics – Implementation & Tracking
Day 42Google Analytics Overview
Day 43E commerce Tracking & Funnel Views/Goals
Day 44Google Tag Manager – Introduction & Setup
Day 45GA & GTM – Practice
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